September 19, 2023
Breast Shape

What are the Best Exercises for Improved Breast Shape?

A better size of breasts can improve the confidence of the individual. There are several exercises that can help a person to improve their breast size and shape. Commonly the breast muscles or chest muscles are flat. With the help of correct exercises, one can actually improve their overall shape of them. This will protect an individual from saggy breasts and you will have a chest with round breasts.

What are the Causes of Saggy Breasts?

There are various factors that can lead to saggy and drooping of breasts and these are: 

  • Age
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Abrupt weight loss
  • Not using the right type and size of bra
  • Not utilizing the upper body in the right manner

Exercises for Improved Breast Size

Given below are some of the best exercises for that matter. Make sure to keep the below information in mind, if you want to improve the size of your breasts.

Cobra Pose

Another exercise that can work wonders while you are trying to shape up your breast muscles. According to the best plastic surgeons in Islamabad, this exercise is proven to be a warmup for your flattened and saggy chest muscles. Here is how you can do it properly.

  • Lie on your stomach and then stretch your legs out, place your feet on the floor
  • Then you have to tuck in your elbows, you also need to place your hands under your shoulders
  • Try lifting your head and chest off the ground. You also haven to bring your shoulders back to a normal positon so that your neck might not crack or get sprained
  • Straght off your arms at the maximum length that you can 
  • Get back in the initial position after 30 seconds
  • Try this exercise for three times at least

Note: one of the earliest symptom of pregnancy is saggy breasts


Pushups are an easy exercise that is not only necessary for your upkeep and overall physical body shape but is also helpful for improving the shape of your breasts.

Wondering how to do pushup for better shape of breasts. Here is a guide to help you in the said matters:

  • In order to do pushups, you first have to start with straightening your shoulder’s to your arm’s length. Make sure to keep your head and neck in a neutral position and your core should be taut. 
  • Then you have to bend your elbows, lower your chest so that it is as close to the ground as possible. Make sure that your elbows are not making a 90 angle. On the other hand they should be in a tucked in manner. 
  • Try to retain your original position, you can do that by extending your arm. Repeat this type of exercise at least 3 times in a set.

Plank Reach

Plank reach is considered to be one of the best exercises if you want to enjoy the perks of improved breast shape. This is how you can do it:

  • Try a plank position first. 
  • Then tuck in your toes
  • Place your wrists under your shoulders
  • Try to maintain your body in a straight pose, this way your abs are in a taut position. It will also align your body’s position
  • Then try to reach your toes while keeping your arm straight. Then touch your opposite hip with the help of your other hand.

Travelling Plank 

No one can deny the fact that planks are hand’s down the best possible exercise for a good posture maintenance as well as for refined shaped of the breasts.  But they are the ultimate remedy if you are looking for something that is going to elevate your overall movements. Here is your guide on how you can do travelling planks: 

  • Start off with a plank position, try to maintain your head and neck in a neutral position. Then you have to get your head and neck in a neutral position 
  • Make sure to keep your posture so that your neck is not drooping too low
  • You can also lift your right hand and foot over the ground. During all this, try to keep your core taut and firm. Keep in mind that you have to repeat this motion
  • Take a break for a second. Then shift your body to the left and then to the right. Take 10 steps like this. You have to switch your side, then you have to walk for a moment
  • Remember to repeat this exercise for at least 3 times 

The Bottom Line

While you are trying these exercises at home, it is best to stay consistent. Do not get aggressive while you are doing this. Medical assistance is highly needed because if you are not doing that you might end up pulling a muscle. The main purpose of this activity is to make sure that your chest muscles are moving in an efficient manner.

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