September 22, 2023

Makalidurga Trek – a perfect weekend trek near Bangalore



Weekends are the nice days of the week. They are the handiest days that allow us to loosen up with Makalidurga Trek and take our minds far away from the hectic each day schedule. Most of the people decide on staying domestic and spend their weekends relaxing at their houses. However journey-loving human beings like to spend their weekends taking part in an adventurous adventure alongside their circle of relatives or buddies.


For such adventure-loving humans, weekends are excellent days to explore their environment. 

Bangalore is the largest city in the country and additionally the capital of Karnataka state of India. Bangalore additionally known as the Silicon Valley of India is nicely called an IT hub however, it additionally has great herbal flowers and fauna. 


There are numerous places really worth seeing in near the metropolis. So, weekends are best to discover them.

So, permit’s visit one among the best weekend trekking spots close to Banglore.


Makalidurga Trek


About the gap of the Makalidurga trek from Banglore and the time required for the crowning glory of the trek.

Makalidurga Trek is an excellent hiking spot for a weekend. It’s just 60 km from Banglore and can be without difficulty accessed by way of railways and roads. he Makalidurga Trek is a quick half-hour and a couple of.2 km-long trekking adventure, making it a really perfect weekend journey.

Makalidurga Trek starts offevolved from a railway tune which gives a special type of hiking enjoy because not all treks begin from railway tracks. The Makalidurga Trek offers many enchanting views together with a steep rocky path. 


Approximately the ancient essence of the Makalidurga trek

Makalidurga Trek has a ancient essence and is high-quality for amateurs as it’s a short trek and can be explored for the duration of the year. Professional trekkers can also experience this trek as an easy weekend brief trek.


As said, the Makalidurga trek has a ancient essence due to the fact according to legends Markandeya Rishi had executed his penance here. Makalidurga Trek has seen many usaand downs in records and has been ruled by many rulers like the rulers of the Vijayanagara empire, the Nayakas, and also the father of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj that is, Shahaji Bhosle, who additionally ruled Makalidurga Trek for the duration of his reign within the 1600s.


About the trekking journey of Makalidurga trek

The Makalidurga trek adventure begins from the railway song main to the summit of the trek. The hiking journey gets a bit muddy with the rocky terrain and gives an revel in of mountaineering a totally steep trek further. The rocks at the steep give up are by and large granite. After experiencing the adventure of railway track, muddy and rocky terrain with steep granite trail comes the summit of the Makalidurga trek. 


The rocky trail offers an awesome mountain climbing and rappelling experience which may be enjoyed by means of both beginners and professionals. The rocks of the Makalidurga trek are the point of enchantment because they’re the 2nd biggest monolithic rocks after the monolithic rocks of Savanagiri. There’s a lovely lake that surrounds Makalidurga hill, known as the Gundamagere lake. This lake provides to the beauty of the Makalidurga trek because it resembles the continent of South Africa which provides to the highlights of this hiking journey.


The summit has stays of the castle of Malkalidurga hill. Also, the temple of Makali Malleshwara at the height is a top notch architectural sight really worth seeing. Makalidurga trek gives a beautiful trekking revel in with lush green plants and an adventurous trail along the day, but in case you are planning to live in a single day, then the night sky view gives you a captivating experience that is really worth seeing. The night sky view of Makalidurga trek is maximum stunning on the whole moon night whilst you could enjoy the beauty of the Gundamagere lake in the full moonlight.


Approximately the high-quality time to go to Makalidurga trek

 So, you could go trekking at some point of the winters and after the monsoon.





The trek is pretty far from human settlements and hence it is a superb idea to hold your food and water along with you. Because you won’t be capable of get it everywhere at the pinnacle of Makalidurga hill.

 Be careful for the ones notorious monkeys or they’ll grab away your assets making your hiking adventure more difficult!


Makalidurga trek has considerable flora and for this reason you may experience the stunning plant life developing alongside the hill.


Makalidurga Trek gives an brilliant and fresh enjoy of the encompassing beauty of Banglore city. It’s miles a trekking journey really worth experiencing if one is seeking out a one-day trekking experience enjoy at the weekend.


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