September 19, 2023
hampta pass trek

Hampta Pass Trek: The best time to visit, and itinerary


My passion for nature led me to start trekking 15 years ago to enjoy Mother Nature at its best. My favorites are the Hampta Pass Trek, which is a small corridor connecting the Chandra Valley in Lahaul with the Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Let me first give you some information. There are many Hampta Pass packages. You can choose which Hampta Pass trekking itinerary you are most interested in based on your level of interest. My journey was from Rajkot in Gujarat. I flew to Delhi, then took a 15-hour bus ride to Manali. How do you get to Hampta Pass? Distance by road from Manali base camp is 15-16km to Hampta Pass. You have several options for getting here. One option is to drive from Manali to Hampta Pass Base Camp. Prini is where hikers should meet. These groups typically consist of between 40 and 45 tourists. Tours are usually organized within a 20-day period during summer when it’s high season. Each camp only has one group during this period. To maximize your experience, pack smart and be light. Be in good health and bring your medication, if any. Let’s get on to the fun part: the trek itself.

Hampta Pass Trek Itinerary

Due to the reduced oxygen supply and increased altitude, the first day was spent acclimatizing. To get a feel for what was ahead, and to prepare mentally and physically, we did the 4-hour trek. It is not common for first-timers to abandon the trek because they lack mental and physical preparation. This is where we meet our fellow travelers and friendships blossom quickly. Meals are a great way to make friends with fellow hikers. The treks are vegetarian in terms of the food. Each campsite has a local cook who prepares simple, fresh food. Although some vegetables may be available at lower altitudes it is usually limited to potatoes at higher elevations.

Day 1

We left with an overview of the day’s plan and anticipation for tomorrow.

Day 2

After an early breakfast on the second day, it was time to pack for the trek. You can only carry 8kg per trekker, so make sure you pack well. According to my previous experience, I only took the essentials and kept my luggage in a backpack at base camp. We boarded a bus from Prini that took us to Jobra, the start point for the Hampta Pass Trek. It is a thrilling ride with nearly 40 hairpin turns in just over an hour. This is one of my favorite mountain rides. You should get a window seat to enjoy the magnificent views and the prelude to the incredible trek ahead.

Day 3

Our route took us from Sethan village towards Chika camp on the third day. We were given some facts about the logistics once we reached this section of the trek. We must optimize daylight to maximize electricity. This means that we should get up at sunrise and depart at sunset. The many clear streams that flowed along the Hampta Pass Trek route were our source of water. It was such a refreshing and clean water that it was considered a “delicious beverage”. Everything was simple but adequate. We climbed to Chika camp at 10,824 feet. The Hampta Pass trek was 8 kms long. We reached the Chika Camp by walking through green meadows, climbing a hill and then wandering down a steep slope. It was surrounded by lush greenery and the sparkling Rani River in the middle. This made it a perfect spot to camp for the night. After enjoying a simple meal, we enjoyed some time together at the camp with torchlights before retiring to bed for the night.

Day 4

Day 4 was supposed to be more difficult but we were ready and raring for action. Our destination for the day was Balu Ka Ghera Camp. The trek was 13 km long and follows the banks of Rani River. This section of the trek was beautiful, with its rhododendrons and silver birches. There were also goat herds that grazed around. It was surrounded by natural beauty and a stunning view of the snow-capped mountains. Halfway is the charming Jwara Valley, a great place to take a break. The trail becomes more difficult from there. Balu Ka Ghera, at an elevation of 11,808 feet is the ideal place to end your day.

The best time to trek Hampta Pass

The Hampta Pass trek is open from May through October each year. The pass is relatively warm and snow-free during this time, making it the ideal time to get on the trail. The rest of the year is too snowy and cold to walk in. This time, temperatures drop to below freezing and snow may accumulate up to several feet.


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