September 16, 2023
Gift Ideas For Your Annoying Yet Lovable Roommate

Gift Ideas For Your Annoying Yet Lovable Roommate  

All the special occasions are approaching soon, which means you have to indulge in the process of doing all your gift shopping all at once. You may have already thought about what to give your family and loved ones but you may not have a thought of what to give your roommate this year . Never fear and it’s okay because sometimes we forget about many important things in life. But if you and your roommates are really best friends and you stay with them all the time then getting a gift for them is going to be really easy for you. Also, if you two are not close it can be daunting for you as well. 

Anyhow, you have come across the right place where you will find a whole lot of gift ideas for your roommate. No matter if it’s their birthday or any other reason to treat them, you can always make a combo with the option of online cake delivery at their doorstep to make the event more joyous and memorable. So let’s scroll ahead and take a look at what we have for you. 

Cute Storage Bins 

Set of storage bins will help them to keep the apartment clean and look more enhanced. They can keep this at their corner of the room or beside their bed, so that they can come in use easily. Also, try to find the bins that matched your aesthetic of the room and as well as the apartment interior. Storage bins will keep them reminded about cleaning up the room from time to time. 


This ís for all the nerd roommates who evidently spread their books all over the table and everywhere in the apartment. But if you give them the shelf of bookends then this might help them stay organised with their books and help the apartment to look more pretty. We are sure the bookends you will choose will make their display look more beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors like green, turquoise, jade or you can even go for one of each color to mix and match. 

Snack Box

No matter how smartly you hide your snacks and goods from your roommate, they will always manage to find a way to break into your curated snacks. But if you opt for the gift idea of snack subscription they will never snatch over your snacks. Because in this subscription they will get a delivery of goods and snacks in a box every month. Now they can binge watch their show and will never run out of their munchies. 

Post It Notes 

The set of massive sticky notes will give them the gentle reminder of the things they mostly like to forget. With the help of this, you can remind your roomie to do the chores, wash the dishes and to tell them there is something delightful waiting in your fridge like a chocolate cake or so. So these notes will come in use when you want to say something and convey with saying any utter word from your mouth. 

Color Buds 

The most annoying thing is when you are studying and someone else in your room is chirping on their phone or watching a TV show at maximum volume. For such times, you can give a pair of color buds and let yourself stay in peace and study more well. The set has bluetooth connectivity so that they can use it perfectly even when they are moving away from the tablet or phone. 


So these are some of the gift ideas that are perfect for your roomie. 




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