September 19, 2023

Best sexologist in Delhi for Sexual Disorder Treatment

In today’s scenario, nearly 90% of the youth is workaholic passionate, and dynamic. But as per the health survey, 70% of the people’ in Delhi overlook themselves. Nowadays, everyone is so busy that they ignore taking care of themselves. And this will lead to numerous health problems.

However, the most affecting part of our body is reproductive organs. On this, the famous and recommended sexologist in Delhi – Dr. Chirag Bhandari. Says “People are always fascinated towards physical fitness, health and weight loss but are oblivion towards sexual wellness,

In essence, weight loss or dieting regularly makes men and women weak from outside or inside the body. Moreover, the mundane way of living is also the problem of sexual disorder or reproductive health obstacles.

Read the complete article to know about sexual disorder and their types. Also, why Dr. Chirag Bhandari- best sexologist in Delhi.

What is a Male Sexual Disorder?

In the first place, sexual dysfunction is the mental and physical issue that hinders you and your partner from getting sexual pleasure. And male sexual dysfunction is a general health difficulty affecting gentlemen of all ages but is more natural with rising age.

Further, if a male has problems in giving intimacy to their partner then there may be chances for men to hit by sexual disorders. In these types of situations, a person needs to consult a sexologist in Delhi.

Also, when a person don’t have the required treatment on time, then the sexual disorder may be enhanced. And it may have adverse effect on one’s body.  Given below are the kinds of sexual disorders:-

Sexual Disorders Types

  1. Low Libido

It is a term that defines the person’s lack of interest in physical connection. The factors that affect the loss of libido or sexual attraction are a combination of natural and personal relationships. Further, after intense research, the study says that sexual disorders may also occur mainly due to mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

ED is commonly known as Impotence. Erectile dysfunction is the man’s inadequacy to obtain or maintain an erection suitable for satisfying sexual coition.  Also, this ailment can negatively influence any intimate relationship, not overlooking one’s psychical health too.

3. Male infertility

Another key point is male infertility, the reason behind which women cannot conceive or get pregnant. The problem of male infertility occurs because of low sperm quantity and quality.

A man’s body generates sperm after secretion transported into the woman’s body while having coition. Low sperm quality and quantity, also known as hypogonadism, is one of the main causes of male infertility.

4.  Premature Ejaculation

Here, premature ejaculation means early fall, where ejacualtion means the release of semen from the penis. Men usually suffer from PE and feel distressed about their situation. However, it does not mean that their entire sexual life is in danger now. In this predicament, the male partner undergoes erections that occur earlier than anticipated while making love. But with precise supervision, exercises and medication, one can get relieved of PE.

About Sexologist in Delhi for Sexual Disorder

The top and prime sexologist in Delhi is Dr. Chirag Bhandari, who has 8 years of experience in this medical line. Also, he is a well-known male infertility professional and the director of the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health(IASH).

Education and Qualification of Dr. Chirag Bhandari

  • MBBS, MS (Pune)
  • FECSM(Fellow of The European Committee of Sexual Medicine)
  • Fellowship in Andrology (University College London Hospital, London, UK)
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine Certified Andrologist
  • Specialist in Penile Enlargements (South Korea)
  • Specialist in Penile Prosthesis (Wilson Memorial Research and Training Centre for Penile Prosthetic Surgery, Seoul)
  • Certified Men’s Health Coach (The Institute for Functional Medicine, USA)
  • Certified P Shot Provider (Cellular Medicine Association, USA)
certificated of the best sexologist in Delhi

Why sexologist in Delhi -best for the Treatment of Sexual Disorders?

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the superior doctor for treating sexual problems in men’s. Along with his professional knowledge he also has ample area of expertise. Moreover, he provides counselling sessions to his patients who cannot visit his clinic due to some emergency. In his online sessions, he gets to know about the patient’s problems effectively and suggest the medicines as required as per their treatments.

Final Analysis of the Blog

At last, we conclude that to get solution fir all your sexual disorders. Visit the best sexologist in Delhi i.e., Dr. Chirag Bhandari. Also, he provides the patient’s safety and privacy at his clinic. So, now for booking an appointment call on  +91 9602081813 or visit the official website of IASH India. read more about

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