September 17, 2023
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12 trendy nail art designs that you can ask for you

Talking about nail art designs we all know how much we love nail art no matter how it looks like. The fever of having nail art is not something that will wear off easily. In fact, hands are the second face of a lady so we all know how important it is to keep up with the care of the hands as you are careful with your face.

One of the best ways to have beautiful hands is beautiful nails. Other than conventional care of the nails we all know how nail art can brighten up the look of our hands, so we are here to provide ideas that you can adopt to have the best nail art to have beautiful nails.

In this present world where you have social media to get inspiration everywhere, it is a little confusing to decide which you have to follow. Whether you need to follow a design designed by a nail artist or some social influencer.

Well, you don’t have to confuse over any such thing because in the end what matters is you. Whatever design you like you can adopt it whether it is from some influencer or a nail artist.  With nail art design Oregon by My aria nails, you can have beautiful nail art regardless of the look you want.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into learning 12 trending nail art designs that you can have at your next nail appointment.

Milky/cream white base

White nail polish looks great regardless of your skin tone, but as fall is approaching it would be great if you take it to next level by wearing a creamy white base and tons of accessories to adapt to the chic look as the weather demands.

Two tones

We know this simple design is not something new, but it is still one of the trendiest nail art designs that you will find almost every second person wearing it. Contrasting list base and the dark tip is a great design that is fit for every season, event, or skin color.

Create your design

You don’t have to be bound to something conventional. It is your nails you can do whatever you want from them. You can wear whatever you want on them, so you can create the doodles that you want to wear on every nail. Also, mismatched designs are in trend whatsoever.

Tip design

Not like heavy nail design? No problem, now you can have nail art for tips only. Whether you want something simple or fancy for your nail tips you can ask your nail artist to do that.

Nude shades

Nude shades are always the best option to go for when you are not sure about what design you should adopt. You can have any nude shade in a single color or in multiple colors depending on whatever you like.

Cartoon sparkles

With a light base and cartoon sparkles, you can create a great image that creates something beautiful out of the mess that gives the unique look to your nails.

Milky pink

If you are a fan of Barbie hands and a classic, elegant look then milky pink is your option. It is perfect to create an illusion of naturally pink and beautiful nails.

Tortoiseshell nails

It is one of the biggest fall trends that dominate every other trend almost every year. If you are a fan of animals then tortoiseshell nail design could be a great option for you to show your craze and love towards animals.

Floral design

If you want to adopt a floral pattern then you shouldn’t think twice because this pattern is one of those patterns that are trendy in every season. You can choose the colors you want. You even have the choice to go for a multicolor option. So, with these acrylic nail colors, you have limitless options that you can adopt.

Crease pattern

This pattern that creates the illusion of waves is one of the greatest trends in the nail art designing world. You can use a combination of colors to have the perfect crease pattern on your nails.

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Splatter art

Just like splatter paint art, it is a kind of mini version of splatter art. If you are a fan of colors then this pattern is just perfect for you.

Double dip

Again, using two colors only at the tips would be a great start to show off the unique and authentic look.


There are countless trends that you can adopt. You can do whatever you want because it is you who creates the trends, not the other way around. So, adopt any design you like and be the master of your trend.


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